Acquisitions and mergers, Transactional


Our legal services include advising on the acquisition and sale of companies or other types of commercial negotiations; As well as in entering JV or co-investment agreements through the purchase of shares, assets, operations or portfolio of clients.


We advise our clients from the beginning of the negotiations, identifying the critical points in the project. Besides, we have conducted various legal audit processes as part of the acquisitions and mergers process. We also have experience in the incorporation of investment vehicles, either with national or foreign capital, that allows to carry out various investments in Mexico or the overseas and comply with the legal requirements to have an efficient fiscal structure.

Corporate Practice


We have experience in corporate governance and general corporate practice, including the design, incorporation, operation and, where appropriate, liquidation and dissolution of Mexican companies. Our goal is to create a corporate framework specially designed to the characteristics and needs of our clients, to accomplish the short, medium and long-term goals, through the corporate by laws and shareholders agreements.


As of July 2018, the PRIME Certification Committee registered Campos & Campos Abogados as a law firm that will collaborate with such committee in the Corporate Governance Program to issue securities in the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Corporate and project financing; Capital Market


We advise clients in the negotiation of different forms of financing, such as traditional, structured or syndicated loans, public funding through the public or private issuance of securities (debt or capital), as well in securitizations.


Our team has advised financial intermediaries, securities issuers, financial companies, investment companies, securities rating agencies and other market participants in the design, structuring, and instrumentation of debt or capital emissions in both the Mexican stock market and the international capital markets. We also advise originators, placers and rating agencies in securitizations and other structured financing operations in and out of Mexico, including efforts to obtain respective authorizations, to the competent authorities. We advise Mexican companies in preparing for their entry to the Mexican stock market. On the other hand, we have experience in financing infrastructure as Project Finance.

Oil & Gas, Infrastructure


We have experience in the revision of the regulatory framework that governs the exploration, exploitation, commercialization, distribution, and storage of gas and oil in Mexico. We participated as legal advisors and coordinators of two participants in round 1.3 in 2015 before the National Hydrocarbons Commission. One of the consortiums we advised, was awarded one of the gas fields in northern Mexico. In the area of renewable energy, we have participated in various projects of generation, distribution, and sale of electrical power.


We have experience in the negotiation and draft of EPC Agreements, including the incorporation of the security interest by contractors. Besides, we have participated as legal advisors in the instrumentation of financing, means of payment and guarantee for infrastructure projects in Mexico. We have advised clients in the design, negotiation, and implementation of port terminals in both processes with API’s.

Real estate


We offer legal advice in industrial real estate projects, commercial and tourism. Our activities include the review and analysis of property history and other documentation, evaluation of any environmental, administrative, litigation or any item that may have an impact on the design and structuring of operations. We work in the generation of strategies to carry out developments of all kinds and the negotiation of the necessary agreements and the follow-up of the actions required for the achievement of each business.


We also advise our clients in obtaining financing, including the design of the legal-financial strategy for the structuring of real estate developments from the beginning to their placement in the market.

Governmental entities procurement


We provide legal consultancy as well as the necessary assistance in any procedure on specific aspects of hiring with public entities, such as tenders, restricted invitations and direct awards at the Federal and State, level.  The legal services of the firm include the implementation of strategies on any challenge in this matter, as they are unconformity, remedies, nullity judgments and Amparo proceedings. Our approach is to collaborate with our clients to understand the public sector and obtain favorable business results.



Representation Services to foreign clients


We offer representation services for their Mexican subsidiaries. The services include tax domicile, accounting and legal representation in Mexico.